Library Business

The necessity of a book sterilizer

Library books look harmless, but they may be bacteria breeding grounds or contain viruses similar to COVID-19.
Viral diseases can be spread just by touching a book.
Book sterilizers extend the life of the book and prevent diseases.

Germs in books

  • Covid-19
  • Novel influenza
  • Bookworm
  • Germ
  • Colon bacillus
  • Mold

Advantages of the LIVA book sterilizer

  • 99.9% sterilization

    99.9% of viruses, fungi, and bacteria
    eliminated through sterilization for 1 minute. (Provided test report.)

  • Low noise

    Whisper-quiet operation (50 dB or less)

  • Internal circulation

    Blocks inflow of dust
    Removes dust from books
    Extends filter replacement cycle

  • From product development to service

    LIVA R&D develops and produces highly effective products

  • Strong safety reinforcement glass

    Protects book sterilizer
    Blocks UV exposure.

  • Safety door open detection function

    Safe operation: Auto shut off when door is
    forcibly opened during disinfection

  • Simple status display LED

    LED displays disinfection process, number of uses,
    usage time, and lamp replacement

  • Free time control function

    Recommended book disinfection time: 1 minute
    Free disinfection time every 10 seconds

LIVA book sterilizer

  • EBS301

  • EBS301S

  • EBS601

  • LBS601